360th TC Photos

Welcome to this collection of photo albums from our days at Cam Ranh.

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FACES OF THE 360TH – share individual photos the men of the 360th, AT EASE – Tiger Lake


CAM RANH BAY days circa 1971-72, and ON THE ROAD & CONVOY SECURITY – experiences

The “V” sign was popular by Western Allies during WW II as a symbol of “Victory at Hand.” During the Vietnam War, in the 1960s, the sign was widely appropriated by the counterculture as a symbol of peace. President Richard Nixon also used the “V” gesture to signal victory in the Vietnam War, an act which became one of his best-known trademarks. For the veterans of the 360th the sign was simply a friendly greeting commonly used in photos.

Tango Mike to Robert Taylor for sharing these photos. He was attached to MACV Team 33. Who were supporting the 27th ARVN Inf. Reg. North of BMT. He missed his chopper ride back to his unit in BMT, from CRB and caught a ride with the 360 th on a Hard Truck called God Of Hellfire, a 5 ton cargo truck with a APC hulk on the back of it. The truck NCOIC was a SSG. Burke. He
was using was a Canon FTX and he took a full roll of 36 color prints on the ride, which he sent home to his wife who put them in a photo album. He found them in the summer of 2018 and shared them with us